Winter and Your Pipes - Not Always a Good Mix

I don’t think any of us are hoping to ever need this information, but with Winter settling in, and the thermostat dipping into the single digits, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared. If the worst should happen, and I’m talking about frozen pipes, it’s better to know how to remedy the problem ahead of time. We did a little research and pulled together a few tips from local experts on what to do if you think your pipes have frozen. As always, if ever in doubt, our first advice is always employ the help of a licensed professional. So, how do you know if your pipe is frozen? There are a few signs to look for and if you answer yes to any of the symptoms below, you may have an issue with one of yo

When Is The Best Time To Remodel?

The best and easiest answer to that question is anytime you are financially prepared and ready to embark on a project that can create a slight change to your everyday lifestyle. There are, however, better times of year to entertain certain aspects of a construction project as the weather and demand can play a part in keeping your job on track from a timing and cost perspective. Living in an area where we have extreme changes in weather, the best time for an outdoor job is during the Spring or Fall. Moderate temperatures create the ideal working conditions for your contractor but that window is very small so the chances of hitting the mark are slim. Here are a few things to consider for proj

Kitchen Design and Countertops

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are usually a good percentage of anyone’s renovation budget. Bringing cabinets and countertops together in an aesthetic that is pleasing and one that also meets the needs of your daily lifestyle can be tricky. Over the years, as we have worked with homebuyers with the selections for their custom kitchens and baths, and buyers often have questions on the pros and cons of certain countertop materials. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, the appearance of the counter surface is usually the first thing to draw attention, but this should not be the sole factor when making a decision to purchase. Consider durability, price, ease of maintenance and availab

How To Approach A Custom Home Build Project

Many buyers begin their house hunting process by thinking they may want to build a custom home, but end up taking a different approach because of the mystery involved in the process. One of the biggest reasons for this confusion is that many homebuyers start out on the wrong foot. They begin thinking they need to buy a lot, hire a home architect to design their dream home, and then commission a builder who will build their home for the lowest possible price. In reality, it is a better idea to select your home builder first. And, it certainly makes things much easier if you choose a design/build company where your architect and builder are under one roof. You may be wondering why you would g

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