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 Paquin Design Build -

Residential Home Builder & Home Contractor


Paquin Design Build, a homebuilding contractor has been doing business on Maryland's Eastern Shore since 2004. This residential builder has simplified the custom home building process and made it easier for you to navigate. The team of architectural designers  and  Design/Build professionals, each with a different skill set and area of expertise,  will assist you from the purchase of land, through the construction stage, selection, and delivery process of your home.

Initial Consultation - Defining Your Custom Homes


  • Initial meeting is scheduled to discuss our process and what you can expect when designing and building your custom home with us.

  • Location and lot selections are discussed.

  • An outline is developed to lay out  build-time and other related information.

  • Budgets are discussed and explored. 

Proposed Site Visit


  • A representative of Paquin Design Build will visit and review your site selection. 

  • A meeting will be set to discuss local regulations, waterfront building restrictions, HOA/neighborhood regulation, setbacks and/or height restrictions that will affect/limit your design.

The Design Phase


  • Be prepared to discuss your ideas on home style, room design, fixtures, colors, interior style and finishes. Our designers and draftsman use what is discussed as a launching pad for the design process. 

  • The drafting and design stage of the custom home begins.

  • Initial designs are presented. Revisions are discussed are initiated.

Specifications, Estimates, Permits & Contracts


  • Presentation of specifications and an estimate of the job are presented to the client. This includes details of fixtures, finishes, selections, and items such as appliances. 

  • Client confirms financing/applies for a construction loan.

  • Construction plans and specifications are finalized and completed

  • A building contract is signed with the client

  • Permits are filed and we wait for the approval before beginning the next phase.

The Construction Phase


  • Construction begins. Time frames vary considerably and are based on the size of the home, industry lead times, and weather. 

  • Home is delivered.

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