Garage Doors - Don't Overlook Them.

When building a custom home from the ground up, there are many selections that need to be made. Even the smallest details can require a little research to make sound and solid decisions. Recently, we were installing a set of garage doors on a home in St. Michaels, MD and I was lucky enough to get a little bit of information from the company owner which I thought I’d share with you. Larry Bauer, the owner of FIXD Garage Door Services, explained to me that your homes garage door represents up to 40% of your home’s curb appeal. Garage door manufacturers realize this and have started to offer many different styles for homeowner to choose from. They have also made it easier for the buyer, creatin

Is Your Home Smart?

You may agree that technology is changing so quickly it's hard to keep up with. The effects of this can be seen in every segment of business and in the building industry, we are seeing it as well. Connectivity and today's smart phones have opened up doors to a whole new segment of home options. It's now, more than ever, that we are being asked to incorporate "smart technology" into the homes we design and build. So, what exactly is this technology, and what is a "smart home"? The answer to that is still a little vague. With internet related household devises on the rise and the increased availability of smartphone-controlled features, the building industry has been working on a checklist for

Making a House Your Own.

As a lot of you know, for the last few months, we have been building a custom home in the Martingham Community of St. Michaels, in partnership with Charles Paul Goebel Architects of Easton. This beautiful waterfront property boasts an unbelievable view of the Miles River. No corners were cut when designing this home which includes many unique qualities. One feature that was recently brought to my attention was the installation of 50 solar panels that had been added flat to the roofline. The homeowner recently blogged that he had produced a surprising amount of solar energy in just the first week of operation and that he was very pleased with the level of production, especially since he opted

Featured in the Star Democrat, San Domingo Cove offers last three waterfront homes.

There is a small community of homes in St. Michaels called San Domingo Cove that perfectly blends the walkability St. Michaels is known for with the elegance and privacy of a custom built home on a large parcel. San Domingo Cove is not just another project for Brent Paquin, president and chief designer at Paquin Design/Build, it's the place he calls home. "I live in the community as well as design and build all the homes," Paquin said. "It's very personal to me, in that sense. I'm neighbors with all my clients. I've lived there for more than three years, during that time we've been building up the community." San Domingo Cove is situated within the St. Michaels town district and is connected

A Nice Article on St. Michaels, MD by The Points Guy ...

As part of a series on long weekend getaways, we’re showing you how to make the most of your summer Fridays, school breaks and the season’s extra-long days. Check back every week for inspired itineraries and easy city escapes. While many Washington, DC metro-area residents opt to spend their beach days in Ocean City, Maryland or one of the Delaware beaches like Rehoboth, Dewey or Bethany, travelers too often overlook Maryland’s Eastern Shore — a stunning summer spot flanking the Chesapeake Bay. The Eastern Shore is quieter than Ocean City, with fewer family-friendly activities and more nautical and historic appeal best enjoyed by couples looking for a romantic escape. Our favorite town is St

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