Production Builder vs. Custom Home Builder – Weighing Your Options.

Let’s start off by defining a production homebuilder as one that builds in volume. These are the builders that deliver cookie cutter communities where you climb into a trailer or visit their design center and make your home selections from a library of floor plans and a limited group of predetermined options. A production builder is a good solution if you fall in love with a particular community or you simply need to cut corners on cost. These builders are often buying in volume and can offer a satisfactory product at a moderate price tag. The selection process is simplified by limiting your options on elevations, floor plans and finishings. For the buyer that clearly has a vision for their

Remodeling or Renovating Your Home

Most of us can ramble off a quick list of home improvements we’d like to have completed in our homes, and most contractors are willing to complete our tasks if we agree to their fees. But, does what you want to do make sense? Does it add value to your home? Will you be able to recoup the costs when you sell? All of this should be considered before you dive in to any home addition or remodeling project. Below, is a little advice on where to put your money when making improvements to your home. Kitchens: Updating your cabinets, hardware, countertops, and appliances should be on the top of your list. Most buyers are looking for modern, up-to-date kitchens, so by doing this, you will add value

Home Renovation

Did you just purchase a home that needs repairs or are you currently living in one that could use a major facelift? Before starting any home renovation project, sit down and make a plan. Create a list of all of the work you would like to have done. Configure the costs of each piece of the project and prioritize your wants and needs. Do your research and find out what home improvements will bring you the most return, and what will simply be completed for your own enjoyment. Whether it’s an addition to your current space, or just cleaning up what you currently have, if you ask any real estate agent what upgrades bring the most return to a home, they will most likely say the kitchen. Most buye

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