Adding Character and Personality to Your Custom Home

For most of us, the thought of purchasing a new home is an exciting one. To be able to choose your home’s finishings and create a space that is truly yours could be a dream come true. In the age of HGTV, we’ve been watching couples do it behind the camera easily and effortlessly for quite some time and the outcome is often breathtaking. When building a custom home or remodeling an existing space, it’s the selection of color, texture, and style that collectively give your home its personality. For most of us, we know where we want to end up, it’s getting there that’s the real challenge. Using an interior design professional can be one of the best investments made. A designer can assist in mak

Breaking News – We’re Breaking Ground!

That’ right. This week, we will be laying the foundation on a beautiful custom home in St. Michaels. Located at 711 Riverview Terrace, the lot is less than a mile from Talbot Street, which is the heart of this small, quaint community. St. Michaels, a seaside resort town located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, dates back to the 1600’s where it was a trading post for the area farmers and trappers. It was the war of 1812 that really gave St. Michaels the name “the town that fooled the British”. The story states that the residents were forewarned that the British were about to attack so they hoisted their lanterns into the trees above the city. This blackout fooled the British and saved the town

Building For Generation X

It seems to be a growing trend that more and more home-builders’ are announcing entry-level brands that target millennials. Others are focusing on the needs of the baby boomer. What we haven’t seen a lot of is a home that is steered to the needs of Generation X, defined as those born between the mid 60’s and early 80’s. As a smaller segment of the overall population, Gen Xer’s seem to get overlooked. What seems to be true about them is that they want what most new home owners want – a modern open floor plan, an up to date kitchen with stainless steel appliances and modern durable finishings. They’re growing families that are raising kids and often multi-generational families caring for agi

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