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When Is The Best Time To Remodel?

The best and easiest answer to that question is anytime you are financially prepared and ready to embark on a project that can create a slight change to your everyday lifestyle. There are, however, better times of year to entertain certain aspects of a construction project as the weather and demand can play a part in keeping your job on track from a timing and cost perspective.

Living in an area where we have extreme changes in weather, the best time for an outdoor job is during the Spring or Fall. Moderate temperatures create the ideal working conditions for your contractor but that window is very small so the chances of hitting the mark are slim. Here are a few things to consider for projects here on the Eastern Shore.

Winter Remodeling Projects

If you’re considering an addition to your home, colder months are actually good months to start this type of project. Dryer air and a more solid, frozen surface is a much better starting point when digging foundations. If you wait until the Spring or Summer months you will often fight with rain, mud, and humidity. And, if we’re talking about rain, it’s best to get your project under roof before the Spring rains begin, yielding you less “rain days” and a project that stays on schedule.

Beat the rush by beginning pre-tax return season where many happy homeowners wait to get their returns which are dumped into home improvements. If you get the jump, your builder will be less busy and can place emphasis on your project alone.

For those watching their budgets, think “off-season” and benefit from discounts on home improvements that are often completed in warmer months. If your windows need replacing, this may be a good time to get a few estimates as these companies are trying to stay busy during this time of year.

Spring Projects

As the weather starts to turn, most contractors find themselves getting busier and busier. This is also a time when you’ll pay the most for time and materials. It’s home building season. People are coming out of their shells and trying to refresh for the season to come. Decks, patios, covered porches are a great choice for this time of year so that the construction is completed prior to the warm Summer months when you want to enjoy your new additions.

Summer Remodeling

If you have been outside on a hot east coast July afternoon, you will agree that the Summer months are a good time to embark on indoor projects. If your bathroom or kitchen needs to be updated, start getting estimates in the Spring so that the project can be underway when contractors want to be inside. If you happen to be planning a vacation and your improvement includes floors, try to mesh your Summer vacation with the sanding and refinishing which will save you a lot of headaches along the way.

Roofing often takes place in late Summerand into the fall because some roofing materials are best sealed with heat or become brittle in the cold. Talk to your contractor to see if this applies to your project and if you are replacing your roof, make sure the weather is appropriate.

Fall and Your Home Improvement Projects.

With the holidays looming and overnight guests coming into town, the fall is often the time when people start thinking about upgrades. There will be a push to complete projects by mid-November, so get your bids done early which will ensure you a place on your contractor’s calendar. If you’re not planning for a lot of company and don’t mind contractors in your home, the few weeks from mid-November to the New Year are a great time to schedule anything from kitchens and baths to additions. Business is a little slower and you may be able to get your projects done at a lower cost, saving you money along the way.

When heading down any remodeling path, give yourself plenty of planning time. Research, compare and contrast contractors and the strengths they bring to the table. Bring each prospective contractor to the site, getting estimates from each and making sure you are comparing apples to apples. Check referrals, licensing and insurance. When you finally make your choice, and your project begins, try to keep a good mindset. As good as your contractor may be, your life is going change a bit during construction time. Prepare for a little more noise, dust and inconvenience hoping and knowing that in the end, your improvement will be well worth any aches and pains you experience along the way.

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