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How To Approach A Custom Home Build Project

Many buyers begin their house hunting process by thinking they may want to build a custom home, but end up taking a different approach because of the mystery involved in the process. One of the biggest reasons for this confusion is that many homebuyers start out on the wrong foot. They begin thinking they need to buy a lot, hire a home architect to design their dream home, and then commission a builder who will build their home for the lowest possible price. In reality, it is a better idea to select your home builder first. And, it certainly makes things much easier if you choose a design/build company where your architect and builder are under one roof.

You may be wondering why you would go about the process in this manner. Consider all of the complexities that come with choosing land. You want to be sure you understand the local real estate market and how much you can afford to put into the property while keeping your home marketable if you choose to sell it down the road. There are also setbacks and restrictions associated with most parcels. You’ll need to understand what your building envelope is, and if it can hold the type of home you are envisioning. HOA’s should be reviewed and any building regulations should be clearly noted. If this sounds tricky, it is. By using a builder that is familiar with the area, they can help you navigate through this process.

With years of experience, a home builder can also provide a broader vision on the possibilities of a piece of land. Most buyers look for a flat lot but in some cases gentle slopes can add character, allow for basement walkouts, and provide better drainage. Utilize a builders knowledge to help you select the best possible lot for your home.

As you can see, choosing your builder first, makes a lot of sense.

  • Choose a home builder

  • Purchase a lot together

  • Hire an architect or use a Design Build firm

  • Build your home

In most cases you can’t put a price on designing and building your own custom home. Choosing everything from the ground up to suit your family and your lifestyle provides years of comfort and enjoyment that can’t be measured. Be sure to establish a budget and do your homework before choosing your builder. Make sure they are well established and have a portfolio of their work that you can review. It’s not a bad idea to ask for references before jumping in as this will be one of the most important purchases for you and your family.

Consider a design build firm which will simplify the process by offering everything from architectural designs and renderings to your home build team, and interior designers all on one team and under one roof. This team works in sync for you by keeping your job moving and reducing the risk of communication gaps between businesses. If you'd like additional information on Design Build, reach out to us today and we'll be happy to introduce you to our team and the entire process.

Paquin Design Build is a custom home builder working from Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, along the Rt. 50 Corridor to Easton and St. Michaels. We house our own architectural home design team which simplifies the process for you. Visit our website at and review our gallery of homes. Call us for additional information at 410-643-7811.

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