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Do Not Settle! Get The EXACT MASTER BEDROOM/BATH that you want!

A recent survey polled potential home buyers as to what was the most important part of a new home to them when considering a "CUSTOM Designed and Built Home". there are FIVE posts in this series. This is post #2/5.

#2: Do Not Settle! Get The EXACT MASTER BEDROOM/BATH that you want!

Closely following the #1 pick: "KITCHENS" is the "Second Most Important Room" in the newly designed home: The MASTER BEDROOM/BATH.

The most fashionable Master Bedrooms/Bathrooms of 2016 evoke the feel and visual aesthetics of the most expensive luxury resort spas and resorts. If you are building your Custom Dream Home you want to feel like you are staying in a 5-Star resort or hotel... EVERY DAY!

These masterpieces deliver images of tranquil spaces bathed in natural light, wooden beamed ceilings, unique sinks, and often even boast hypnotic water views. Meanwhile the adventurous are pioneering creative grotto showers for their second homes and private island escapes. These blend the natural surroundings with roomy cave-like shower spaces which are larger than most people’s living rooms. Don’t forget to include heated flooring and towel warmers.

Master Bedroom

When asked as to what the most important aspects of a custom designed and built Master Bedroom / Master Bath there is litle surprise as to what most wanted:

  • Walk Out Attached Deck!

  • Walk-in closets with built-in shelving

  • Updated lighting

  • A spacious tiled shower with custom spray system

  • An upgraded bathtub

  • Double sinks and vanities

  • Spacious windows with incredible views

  • An alcove or other space for a "private seating" or "reading area".

Master Bath

An ensuite bath is convenient, but it can be so much more than that! Elegance, indulgence, relaxation, beauty, and functionality are all possible when you remodel your master bath.

  • A flattering and light-saving lighting scheme

  • Non-slip flooring that looks luxurious

  • Beautiful cabinetry

  • Additional storage space

  • A whirlpool or other specialty tub

  • Heated towel racks

  • Heated flooring

  • Shower seating

  • And much more

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