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Do Not Settle! Get The EXACT KITCHEN that you want!

A recent survey polled potential home buyers as to what was the most important part of a new home to them when considering a "CUSTOM Designed and Built Home". there are FIVE posts in this series. This is post #1/5.

#1: Do Not Settle! Get The EXACT kitchen that you want!

Online real estate giant Trulia names the kitchen as the NUMBER ONE most important room in a house.

Surveys show kitchens continue to make or break the love affair potential home buyers have with a home.

Do think about how much you’ll actually use the kitchen. Design with your own usability in mind. Opt for appliances that will make great marketing features, and go all out with the kitchen island. Multiple islands were the trend of 2017. Now it is about creating a vast island which is the centerpiece of the open-plan entertainment and family gathering area.

Industry experts are suggesting that granite may finally have had its day. After all; even the most modest affordable apartments often boast granite countertops today. Luxury homeowners are turning to stronger and more expensive quartz and marble. But everything in a home is based on opinions.

The beauty of having a Custom Designed DREAM kitchen is that YOU are the driving force behind the design process. You end up with EXACTLY what you want in the "Most Important Room in the Home"!

View these images of recently completed Paquin Design/Build Custom Homes with INCREDIBLE kitchens. Then schedule YOUR FREE Home Design Consultation.

Never settle! For what is most likely the largest investment of your life, get EXACTLY what you want!


To view other examples and to schedule your FREE Home Design Consultation with Brent Paquin, Owner and Chief Designer.

CLICK HERE to Schedule YOUR FREE Design Consultation!

Or simply call us: 410-643-7811

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