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Home Renovation

Did you just purchase a home that needs repairs or are you currently living in one that could use a major facelift? Before starting any home renovation project, sit down and make a plan. Create a list of all of the work you would like to have done. Configure the costs of each piece of the project and prioritize your wants and needs. Do your research and find out what home improvements will bring you the most return, and what will simply be completed for your own enjoyment.

Whether it’s an

addition to your current space, or just cleaning up what you currently have, if you ask any real estate agent what upgrades bring the most return to a home, they will most likely say the kitchen. Most buyers today are looking for open floor plans with modern up-to-date kitchens that flow seamlessly into the everyday living areas of the home.

Our kitchens often become the gathering place for friends and family. With this in mind, the demand for a space that is not only usable but one that integrates well with everyday life is top of mind for most homebuyers. Designing this space should be done with careful thought and planning. In older homes, where segmented rooms are commonplace, an experienced contractor can often bring down a few walls and easily achieve the look you’re going for. Windows can be added to fill a room with light, waking up an otherwise dark and dingy space. A combination of ceiling lights, sconces, and built-in units will assist by brightening the room with character and style. When choosing your cabinets and countertops, we always suggest involving the help of a designer. Making the wrong choices in this area can be very costly. Once selected, a designer can assist in choosing hardware, appliances and flooring that coordinate with your choices and lend themselves to the look you are trying to achieve.

Renovating bathrooms and basements are other requests that are commonplace in the building industry. Much like kitchen design, we advise you to take your time to plan your projects before you begin and use the help of experienced industry professionals. Architectural designers, contractors, and interior designers are familiar with what is trending, what materials have recently hit the market, and by experience, can advise you on materials and products to use, or more importantly, not to use.

At Paquin Design/Build, home renovation has always been a big part of our design/build business. There are many reasons that one chooses to renovate rather than uproot their family and move. Adding a second floor, building a sunroom, finishing a basement, or upgrading a kitchen or bath will often solve the problems that are present in older homes and create a more modern livable space for its’ owner. When weighing your options, call in a professional for a consultation where they can give ideas on what you should and shouldn’t do and estimate the time and costs involved in the renovations. Once you have a clear estimate in your hands, you will be able to measure the value that may exist in renovating as opposed to moving or just the opposite.

Our best advice is to take your time, and do your homework. Choose experienced, well vetted professionals to assist you along the way. Their knowledge and expertise can take some of the guess-work off your shoulders and ensure that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

If we can answer any questions for you regarding your renovations, don't hesitate to call us at 410-643-7811.

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