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Breaking News – We’re Breaking Ground!

That’ right. This week, we will be laying the foundation on a beautiful custom home in St. Michaels. Located at 711 Riverview Terrace, the lot is less than a mile from Talbot Street, which is the heart of this small, quaint community.

St. Michaels, a seaside resort town located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, dates back to the 1600’s where it was a trading post for the area farmers and trappers. It was the war of 1812 that really gave St. Michaels the name “the town that fooled the British”. The story states that the residents were forewarned that the British were about to attack so they hoisted their lanterns into the trees above the city. This blackout fooled the British and saved the town causing the British to overshoot. St. Michaels remained to flourish in the shipbuilding and seafood processing and packing industries through the 18 and 1900’s. It has only been in the last 30 years that the town has become a major tourist destination.

Speckled with historic churches, Colonial and Victorian homes, shops, restaurants, diverse artistry, maritime tradition and heritage, and a touch of pleasant southern hospitality, this town is truly unique and in walking distance of the new home we are building. Imagine a new life where you can walk to a favorite coffee shop, restaurants or to simply sit seaside and watch as the sun sets each evening. Imagine a town that takes you back to a time where the shop owners know your name. This is St. Michaels, MD.

As the building process begins to takes shape, we will continue to update you with pictures and video. The current plans include custom and luxury floors, cabinetry, and other detailed finishings that are sure to make for a spectacular end product. Situated on the Miles River, this custom home is currently available for sale and will be move-in ready before next Summer. If you think that this type of lifestyle would make a good fit, than stay tuned for more. Better yet, don’t miss out on this unique and rare opportunity and give us a call so that we can get you headed in the direction of calling this house your home.

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