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Adding Character and Personality to Your Custom Home

For most of us, the thought of purchasing a new home is an exciting one. To be able to choose your home’s finishings and create a space that is truly yours could be a dream come true. In the age of HGTV, we’ve been watching couples do it behind the camera easily and effortlessly for quite some time and the outcome is often breathtaking.

When building a custom home or remodeling an existing space, it’s the selection of color, texture, and style that collectively give your home its personality. For most of us, we know where we want to end up, it’s getting there that’s the real challenge. Using an interior design professional can be one of the best investments made. A designer can assist in making choices that are modern and up to date, yet classic enough to last through ever-changing trends.

Paquin Design Build offers interior design services to all of its’ homebuyers. Our Interior Designer, Dawn Crovo, and selections coordinator, Jess Cordle, work with each buyer through the selection process. This begins with exterior elements like siding and roofing and continues to the smallest details like the hardware on the cabinets. Pulling all of these elements together gracefully is a talent and our team consistently does it well.

With our finished homes in mind, we’ve discovered that it’s the details that add the most character to a homes’ appeal. Small, well thought out interior and exterior elements will help you achieve the look and feel you desire in a space. And, experience has proven, that it is often these details that our home buyers are most thrilled with in the end.

Here are a few ideas to consider when looking to add character and personality to your custom home.

  • Ceiling and wall detail. Coffered, trayed, or deck ceilings add detail and finish an often forgotten area. Shiplap or paneled walls can suggest a more lived in and cozy feel.

  • Built-ins. Built in shelves and cabinets create storage and usable space. They also add to the richness of your home.

  • Lighting. Recessed lighting does a great job in lighting a room but it’s the entry lighting, sconces, and chandeliers that build on the style and personality of the space.

  • Moldings and Trim add visual detail and depth to a space.

  • Hardware is an easy way to add character. Scour markets for unique knobs and latches or simply opt for a classic and timeless upscaled look.

If your heading down the custom home building or remodeling path, take time to plan your space carefully. Spend time on Pinterest or similar online sites to assist you in finding visuals that appeal to you. These examples can serve as a starting point for you or for your designer to work with.

Make selections that will stand the test of time by going classic on your homes’ more costly items like cabinets and counters. Choose trendy details that can be easily swapped out when the time comes to update a space. And, if your budget allows, get the advice of a design professional who will help steer you in your selections so that you don’t make costly mistakes along the way.

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