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Featured in the Star Democrat, San Domingo Cove offers last three waterfront homes.

There is a small community of homes in St. Michaels called San Domingo Cove that perfectly blends the walkability St. Michaels is known for with the elegance and privacy of a custom built home on a large parcel. San Domingo Cove is not just another project for Brent Paquin, president and chief designer at Paquin Design/Build, it's the place he calls home.

"I live in the community as well as design and build all the homes," Paquin said. "It's very personal to me, in that sense. I'm neighbors with all my clients. I've lived there for more than three years, during that time we've been building up the community."

San Domingo Cove is situated within the St. Michaels town district and is connected by the St. Michaels walking trail and each of the 16 lots have waterfront access. This makes St. Michaels easily accessible by boat, bike, car, or on foot for San Domingo Cove residents.

Of the 16 lots, Paquin said there are only three lots left in the community that are currently vacant. Each of these lots will feature a Paquin Design/Build custom home. Paquin said they are working on securing

the necessary permits now to begin construction in September.

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