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Eastern Shore Business Summit

Inspiring us all to follow our passions, Brent Paquin presented to a group of over 150 Eastern Shore Businessmen and women on Thursday, August 8 at Salisbury University. The event focused on making connections within the business community that would not only strengthen your own business but helps build others up along the way.

Opening the day, Jake Day, Mayor of the City of Salisbury shared his enthusiasm on the "State of the Eastern Shore" and its unique and thriving business community. Other presenters included Sam Shoge of the Talbot County Economic Development Coordinator and Cliff Grunstra, CMO of Carload Express who shared insights on each of their respective businesses.

Brent Paquin followed by telling his story to the group. We learned about his early years where he worked through the challenges of being diagnosed with dyslexia. He also talked about the steps he took to open and grow Paquin Design Build from a small remodeling business to one concentrating on high-end custom homes. One of the key points he left with us was not to underestimate the importance of forming and nurturing solid business partnerships and relationships along the way. These relationships are the foundation for growth and longevity in any business, and will not only be helpful in good times but also when times get tough.

Following the presentation, attendees were able to move to rooms where experts on many different business topics were presenting to smaller groups. Topics included recruiting and retention, the American Disabilities Act, preparing for the new minimum wage, and a mix of HR-related subject matters.

A big thank you To The Eastern Shore Workforce Team whose hard work and meticulous planning created a day filled with valuable information and inspiration that could be used to encourage all of us to work together and be our best every day.

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