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A Tribute to Dad...

Just completed, this Paquin Design Build home comes with a beautiful story of a girl and her love for her dad. From start to finish, our latest delivery was designed as a tribute to a man who spent his adult life serving his country and his family.

Every room in this beautiful riverfront home in Saint Michaels, MD has a piece of him in it. The office is filled with books he owned and read over the years and a tin ceiling much like the one he once had. The great room is a collection of items that were designed years ago but sewn together so successfully you would think they have been there for years.

The homeowner's vision was to create a place where family would come together for years to come — a place where memories are made. One of her fondest memories of growing up at her family's lake home was the sound of the screen door slamming as the kids ran outside to play — a detail she didn't overlook. We installed a wooden screen door off of the sunroom that we're sure will get a lot of use.

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