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Why Choose Paquin Design/Build?

The Top 5 Advantages to Hiring a Design/Build Company.

Better Communication

When you choose Paquin Design Build, you work with one team of skilled professionals from start to finish— one team under one roof. From the moment you sign your contract, you gain access to our project management software where you can log in 24 hours a day and gather information and the latest updates on your project. 


Better Project Management

Each project is assigned one dedicated project manager who is responsible for delivering your home in a timely and cost efficient manner. This team leader manages, schedules, and keeps each segment of the process moving seamlessly forward. Less gap time means an "on-target" move-in date.

Better Cost-Controls

Our design and project management team assists in choosing and finalizing your design selections while monitoring your budget along the way. This overview eliminates unexpected issues and keeps cost limitations top of mind!


Quicker Completion

Our Paquin Design/Build model generously cuts design and construction time project-wide. We don't have to rely on the schedules of other entities, which allows us to convey a much more reliable time estimate for your project!


Less Risk for You!

Only a few of our clients come to us with a working knowledge of everything necessary to complete a home build project. With one business, if unfortunate issues do arise, responsibility is ours and we do our best to "right" any issues along the way.