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The Warmth of Wood in Today's Custom Homes

Designers and new homeowners have rediscovered the warmth of natural wood and are once again adding it to their homes in ways no one would have imagined. Wood’s natural beauty adds warmth to interior rooms and can transform a space from cool and contemporary to rustic or homey.

Paneled walls and ceilings (also known as Appearance Walls) have been popular for some time with ready-to-install wainscoting and shiplap so available. The material can be purchased in natural or stained varieties and adds character and personality to a room. Walls are often treated in white, or contrasting colors of stain, creating visual depth and personality. Styles range from square edge, v-groove, and tongue and grove varieties and can be installed fairly easily by any DIYer or contractor.

Different treatments and installations are becoming more common and they include mixing a variety of woods, tone, and textures with non-wood materials such as glass and metal, targeting a more contemporary style. Designers are scaling trims and moldings to ground rooms with high ceilings or add the illusion of size where needed. They are also paying close attention to the color and grain of wood which has been shown to make a significant change to a rooms look and feel. Darker tones lean in the direction of formality and masculinity while blonder tones with clean lines and knotty textures are more contemporary.

Photo by Elmwood Reclaimed Lumber

Often forgotten in our homes is the ceiling and today’s designers and homeowners are going above and beyond to treat these surfaces. This technique attracts the eye upward and invites a viewer to explore the space. Wood planks, decking, and even siding can be used very successfully on ceilings.

Most wood is readily available at any hardware store, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try upcycling for a unique and visually appealing finish. Usually pulled from barns or older buildings, this material is available on many websites and local lumber yards. Install the wood as-is, allowing the natural weathered look to shine through. This wood can be easily installed in any area of the home and looks great!

Photo by Stikwood

From floor to ceilings, we’re finding that wood can add visual appeal and personality to any space. Fairly easy to install, it’s a good solution and one you should consider in your new custom home or for your next remodeling project. For ideas for your new home and solutions to wood wall and ceiling installation, visit Pinterest where there are hundreds of images available to inspire you.

Paquin Design Build is a custom home builder located in Grasonville, MD. Our service area extends from Anne Arundel County and Annapolis, to Stevensville and Kent Island and along the Rt. 50 corridor to St. Michaels and Talbot County. Visit our website for additional information at

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