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The Paquin Design/Build Process

At Paquin Design Build, we've simplified the custom home building process by creating a team of Design/Build professionals that assist you from the purchase of land, through the build stage, selection and delivery process.


The knowledge and expertise of each of our industry professionals, which includes seasoned carpenters, architectural, interior and kitchen and bath designers, simplifies the process for you by delivering  your homes in a more timely and cost-efficient way.

The Process. Step by Step.

Initial Consultation and Defining Your Dream and Vision:

  • Discuss location and your lot selection.

  • Outline of the process, build time, and a the estimated involved in building your new home.


Site Visit:

  • A representative of Paquin Design Build will visit your site.,

  • Discuss restrictions on your site selection and any local regulations such as on waterfront building, HOA, and neighborhood regulations, and set-back and height restrictions. 


Your Vision Defined:

  • We will explore home styles, room designs, fixtures, colors, interior styles and present them to our designers creating a launching for them to begin the process.

Design Agreement:

  • An agreement must be signed to begin the process.


Custom Home Plan

  • PDB begins work on custom house plans and specifications based on customer’s idea book and personal requests.     


Plan Revisions:

  • Presentation of plans.

  • Revisions discussed and initiated.


Specifications and Estimates:

  • Presentation of specifications and an estimate of the job is presented to the client. This includes details of fixtures, finishes, selections, and items such as appliances. 



  • Client confirms financing/applies for a construction loan.

  • PDB can provide a list of preferred lenders. 


Plans and Specifications:

  • Construction plans and specifications are finalized and completed. 



  • A building contract is signed with the client.


  • Paquin Design Build files for all necessary permits.

  • Permit approval time frames vary and depend on the workloads of these agencies.  

Construction and Selection Phase:

  • Construction begins.

  • Time frames vary considerably and are based on the size of the home        


Move In:


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Grasonville, MD 21638