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Press Release: August 15, 2022


Paquin Design/Build 

New Road Names Announced for Bellevue on the Tred Avon - a custom home community in Bellevue, MD. 

Easton, MD. (August 15, 2022) – Bellevue School Road and Turner Avenue are the new names chosen for Bellevue on the Tred Avon, a new in-fill residential waterfront community being built in the historic village of Bellevue. Paquin Design/Build, the residential homebuilder partnering on the development, announced the application filing to change the road names.


“The new road names for Bellevue on the Tred Avon pay homage to an institution and family that contributed much to Bellevue’s history–we are proud to recognize that legacy,” said Brent Paquin, founder and president of Paquin Design/Build.


Embracing the new road names for the community follows on the heels of the recently announced rebranding of the overall development's name–Bellevue on the Tred Avon. Feedback regarding the road and development name changes came from a community meeting held during the spring of 2022 in Bellevue at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church between Bellevue residents and Paquin Design/Build. Orchard Terrace, an existing road, will retain its name.


Prior to their renaming, the proposed roads retained the names from Bellevue Gardens, a subdivision originally proposed in 1955 that would have seen 31 mobile homes built on the vacant land.


Bellevue School Road is named after the historic African American Bellevue School, a schoolhouse relocated and expanded circa 1922. Located on Dawson Street in the heart of Bellevue, the old Bellevue School is one of many sites listed on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties.


Turner Avenue is named after the W.A. Turner and Sons Packing Company, which operated in Bellevue from 1945 to 1996. Turner and Sons, in addition to Bellevue Seafood Company (1964 - 1998), were owned and operated by the Turner family and were represented among the largest African American-owned seafood packing houses on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. At their peak, the two seafood processing facilities employed up to 70 crab pickers and oyster/clam shuckers.


“This is a small but impactful step in ensuring Bellevue’s history lives on,” said Paquin. “We are looking forward to continued dialogue with the Bellevue community.”


For more information on Paquin Design/Build and Bellevue on the Tred Avon, visit or visit their downtown Easton office at 110 N Washington Street.

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